Friday, 25 February 2011

David Mach

This is an interesting artist called David Mach, he does really interesting stuf with everyday objects such as magazines, wire coat hangers and matches.

Daniel Libeskind

This is a jewish architect i came across during my ND 3D course in 2008-2010. I found his work very interesting, he tends to use a lot of angular shapes in his designs.

David Chipperfield

This is a really cool  architect, I first heard of him during my first project in september and really liked his designs.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

DVD Store conceps stage 1

I Am currently designing a tv set for my friends sit-com (not yet in production, but fingers crossed)
These images are of an unfinished model.


This site has some cool stuff.
LG are just one manifacturer of this product but it can also be made by a company called corian and samsung also have there own version.
Heres some kitchens made in this material, check out the site for more

Rendering Lights

These are some lights i created in google sketchup, I then rendered them in Kerkythea adjusting some settings toget different effects...